Thursday, March 26, 2015

the kindness factor;

I've seen the kindness factor shirts all over, and I have wanted to get one forever. & I finally got one!!!
these shirts are so comfy and adorable, and of course they have an amazing message. go buy some of these shirts they are amazing. not only does he send a personal message to everyone, he makes each one!! 
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

leggings, leggings. leggings;

For a long time, I never wore leggings, I only wore Jeans. My sisters would always be wearing leggings and I thought that it was strange. About a six months ago(at least) I started wearing them, and now I only wear them. It's strange when you see me wearing pants. Now I know what people mean, all those quotes about leggings are true!!  So, at first I was just wearing normal black ones, and of course I had twenty of them. Then I started winning leggings and people were giving them to me. That is when I got addicted. I have always wanted to try Lularoe, because some girls I went to EFY with always wore Lularoe, and they modeled for them all the time. The thing was that it is pretty expensive. I had been following a lot of the Lularoe consultants and looking at all their products. I was also trying to win contests and save up, and I finally won a ten dollars off to Lularoe. With the ten dollars off I bought Lularoe Leggings, finally. I was so excited when they came. The mail man pulled up and I was so excited. Right when it left, I booked out to get my hands on my Lularoe. When I tried them on, I couldn't believe it, they were so soft! I wear them all the time now. Plus, they are super cute! They also fit small through large. I'm so excited to buy some more of their products.
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Thursday, March 5, 2015


A couple of days ago, my friends and I went to the county jail on a tour. It was very interesting. We were able to see where they sleep, ate and everything else. When we walked past the prisoners, it was very sad to see, but also really cool. It showed me that we need to be grateful for our amazing parents that teach us the right things to do so, we won't end up in there(well at least my parents do).
They talked to us about how the prisoners earn fifty cents a hour and it costs three dollars to call their parents. It smelled so bad, and they have to shower in front of everyone and go to the bathroom in front of everyone. Closer to the end we saw the murders, the child abusers, and the rapists. It was really sad because they can only come out an hour and thirty minutes a week, and they are alone in the room.
After that, we got to talk to some of the prisoners and hear their story and how it all started. First, the security officer showed us pictures of her from when she got arrested for the first time and I didn't even realize it was her. It ruins your personality and all of your facial features. The first was a cheerleader, and loved life, and she decided to go to a party and start drinking. She said that her addiction to meth and all the drugs started with weed. She said if she could do anything she would of not started taking pills and smoking.
It's so hard to come out of doing drugs, because it is so addicting. When you do drugs you loose everything from your family, to money, to everything, you don't even look like yourself anymore.  It's scary, it makes you not want to do anything bad(not that I did before). You feel so bad for them and all you want to do is be there for them, and help then whenever they need it. They say that they want to change and inside they probably do, but it's so hard for them to stop after doing it for so long.
 I am so glad to be raised by my amazing parents , and to be a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It helps you be a better person, go to and you can find out what we are about.

bloke babes;

I've wanted to try bloke body for a very long time now, and I never had the money to buy bloke. BUT I FINALLY DID. and let me tell you, it is the best product ever. After I tried it for the first time, I couldn't believe how soft my skin was. I went around letting my family feel how soft my skin was. It makes a crazy difference on your skin. Bloke products also smell like heaven. I still need to try most of the products. The one I tried smelled so nice. I've heard many amazing reviews and they were all right. Everyone needs to try it.
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