Wednesday, March 11, 2015

leggings, leggings. leggings;

For a long time, I never wore leggings, I only wore Jeans. My sisters would always be wearing leggings and I thought that it was strange. About a six months ago(at least) I started wearing them, and now I only wear them. It's strange when you see me wearing pants. Now I know what people mean, all those quotes about leggings are true!!  So, at first I was just wearing normal black ones, and of course I had twenty of them. Then I started winning leggings and people were giving them to me. That is when I got addicted. I have always wanted to try Lularoe, because some girls I went to EFY with always wore Lularoe, and they modeled for them all the time. The thing was that it is pretty expensive. I had been following a lot of the Lularoe consultants and looking at all their products. I was also trying to win contests and save up, and I finally won a ten dollars off to Lularoe. With the ten dollars off I bought Lularoe Leggings, finally. I was so excited when they came. The mail man pulled up and I was so excited. Right when it left, I booked out to get my hands on my Lularoe. When I tried them on, I couldn't believe it, they were so soft! I wear them all the time now. Plus, they are super cute! They also fit small through large. I'm so excited to buy some more of their products.
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