Tuesday, September 8, 2015

living as a teenager;

Many teenagers love to date boys when they are so young. I've talked to adults and they always tell me "I wish I would of not dated, & just hung out with my friend". When you are young, you have so much time to focus on yourself & have fun. You will have a lot more experiences if you are not dating someone. When you are dating someone, most of the time, you are hanging out with them. You don't have time to go do fun things with your friends, go on fun group dates, & just have fun. Lots of girls(not all of them) will ditch there girls to hang out with there boyfriends, & then their friends don't really want to hang out with them anymore. & you don't want to loose your best friends.

In my religion you are advised to not date till you are 16. I had always thought that the rule was too much, and it wasn't worth it. That was till I had a boyfriend, it was fun and all, but I had so much more fun just hanging out with my friends, and having fun. Boyfriends & girlfriends are fun for a while(when you are young) but then they start taking up a lot of time, and you then can't hang out with your girls(or guys).

Tyler Ward said "You need to date a man. Just because he can shave, doesn't make him a man". Boys are not ready to commit, and they just like to date you for fun, or to fool around(in any way). When you date a man, they are ready to commit & they love you & only you. They will not cheat, they will not play you, they will be there for you.

Date a man that will be there for you at 2AM when you are crying on the floor, when your dog died & at 2PM when you love life & want to go on silly adventures. Date a man that loves you even with all your flaws. I love the quote "Take a lover that looks at you like, maybe you are magic". I love that so much, because there are men out there that are like that, & only love you & only you.

When you break up with someone, please try not to hurt yourself, cry(for long periods of time) because the best revenge is to be happy & to go on with your life even if they are not in it. You feel so much better about yourself when you just move on, and don't worry about what they are doing. It is a good idea to throw away their stuff that you had, if you are trying to move on and forget about them. If there are objects that remind you of them, please throw them away. No matter if people say that you are a drama queen, you are not. You are trying to get rid of all of the bad memories so you can move on.

I advise girls to really wait to date men, because you will have so much more fun, I promise

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